Importance of Quality Jewelry in Body Piercing Stretching

Stretching a piercing is a process where you gradually increase the size of the piercing hole by inserting larger jewelry over time. This is commonly done with earlobe piercings but can also be done with other piercings like septums. When it comes to stretching, using quality jewelry is extremely important for having a safe and successful stretching journey.


The best jewelry materials for stretching are glass, titanium, and niobium. Glass is inexpensive, nonporous, hypoallergenic, and can be sterilized, making it an ideal option. Single flare glass plugs are highly recommended since they have a tapered end that makes insertion smooth and comfortable.

Titanium and Niobium

Titanium and niobium are also safe, quality metals for stretching. They are both hypoallergenic and can be sterilized. However, it’s essential to purchase these from a trusted maker or seller to ensure the grade labeled is true to the product.


On the other hand, materials like acrylic should always be avoided for stretching. Acrylic can harbor bacteria, cause irritation, and lead to blowouts or infections. It’s also a poor choice for stretching as it can easily lead to micro-tears.

Wood and Stone

Wood and stone are porous, trap bacteria, and can cause damage during stretching. They should not be worn in a freshly pierced piercing. However, they can be used once the piercing is fully healed and not during the stretching process.


Silicone is another material that should be avoided during the stretching process. It can lead to irritation and infection. High-grade silicone is an excellent choice for healed piercings and, after stretching has healed but not during either process.

Cheap Metals

Cheap mystery metals often contain nickel and other irritants. They should be avoided as they can cause allergic reactions and other complications.

When buying stretching jewelry, purchase from reputable companies and check that the correct gauge size is labeled. Trying to save money by buying cheap jewelry can end up costing you in the long run if it damages your piercings. An investment in quality materials will lead to healthier stretches.

In addition to jewelry material, the shape of the jewelry matters, too. Single flare plugs with rounded ends are ideal for gently easing into the next size. Avoid tapers or acrylic taper kits, which can lead to uneven and rapid stretching. Listen to your body and only stretch when your piercing feels ready.

With quality jewelry and patience, you can have an enjoyable stretching journey and reach your goal size safely. So, take your time, do your research, and invest in implant-grade materials from trusted brands. Your ears will thank you!

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